Chronic Infection

Infection and the Immune System


Infection occurs when there is an invasion of microorganisms. Bacteria, virus and fungi can all multiply in tissues and organs. The microorganisms themselves aren’t necessarily the problem. The body restricts them so that they reside in specific parts of our body where they all coexist in a symbiotic relationship where we provide them some nutrients through the food we eat.  In return they provide beneficial byproducts that we need. The right balance of microbes in our body protects us and is essential to have a responsive immune system.


Problems occur when our immune system is compromised due to high stress levels. As the immune system weakens, it’s unable to maintain proper balance of microorganisms. Use of synthetic antibiotics also creates problems by killing off all bacteria, worsening the lack of balance in the body and allowing pathogens and infectious microorganisms to become stronger through building up a resistance to antibiotics used.




• Addresses the root cause


• Kills pathogens


• Helps restore immune system


• Aids in eliminating reinfection


• Aids in healing damaged tissues and cells


• Alleviates stress

Eliminating Infection and Reinfection


Phytotherapi Infection, Phytotherapi Immune, Phytotherapi Stress and Renewal Therapi are used to help eliminate chronic infection and strengthen the body.

Phytotherapi Infection kills bacteria that have encapsulated themselves, avoiding the possibility for reinfection. Phytotherapi Immune helps to restore and strengthen the immune system. Phytotherapi Stress relieves stress levels to restore bacterial equilibrium. Renewal Therapi allows proper regeneration and function of tissues by restoring cellular signaling and communication. It is made of all natural molecules that exist in the body.





Infection and Your Diet


Proper nutrition and recovering from chronic infection go hand in hand. When the body has the right tools found in certain foods, immune system cells can be at their best and function properly. Certain foods are also particularly beneficial to those suffering from chronic infection. With this in mind, we’ve created an Infection Food Directory aimed at helping you become your healthiest.



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