Digestive Issues

• Address the root cause


• Alleviate discomfort


• Helps restore bacterial balance


• Promotes healing of damaged tissue


• Alleviate stress

What Causes Digestive Problems?


Consuming nutritious food is important for health. The body’s ability to actually use nutrients depends on the health of the digestive tract. The intestines absorb the nutrients found in foods. These nutrients are used to continually repair and regenerate every cell in our body. They are also used to remove any toxins. Nearly 70% of the immune system resides in the digestive tract, so an unhealthy digestive system compromises our body’s defenses. The common concern with individuals who have chronic digestive issues has to do with a change in the balance and population of the bacteria naturally found in our gut.


The ability for the digestive system to balance the appropriate bacterial population depends on how healthy our neural system is. Increased, prolonged stress levels produce abnormalities in the central and peripheral nervous system. This weakens the nervous system and leads to colitis, constipation, acid reflux, metabolic changes and causes individuals to be more prone to developing eating disorders.

Alleviating and Healing Digestive Issues


Phytotherapi’s Digestive Solution includes Phytotherapi Digestion and Phytotherapi Stress along with Essential Therapi. Phytotherapi Digestion is composed of powerful antioxidants that quickly penetrates the cell membrane. Its lipid molecular form along with its oxygen characteristics aids in restoring the appropriate balance of bacteria in the gut. Phytotherapi Stress contains sesquiterpenes, allowing it to pass through the brain barrier to help balance our brain chemistry and relax the millions of neurons that go on constant alert when we have a stressful experience. Essential Therapi provides the nutrients needed for cellular regeneration to take place for complete digestive health. Essential Therapi´s components and composition help drive reactions as enzymes for the formation of blood and bones and the movement of nutrients across cell membranes.




Nutrition and Digestion


When you have digestive issues, it’s extremely important to eat correctly.  Instead putting together a list of foods to avoid, we put together a Food Directory to highlight foods you should incorporate.   Every type of digestive issue should be addressed by nutrition differently.  We’ve broken down our Food Directory by foods to eat if you suffer from constipation, reflux, gastritis and colitis.




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