Weight Loss

What Causes Weight Gain?


Too much sugar causes our bodies to kick start a mechanism to prevent sugar from damaging our body. The liver converts sugar into fat and stores it in adipose cells. As these cells are overfilled, inflammation begins and damage occurs to organs such as the pancreas, liver, stomach and intestines.


At the root of the problem is stress. When the body detects consistent stress levels, internal pH levels change. This causes two problems.  First, important bacteria that help metabolize food die. These bacteria use some of the sugar we eat to produce essential enzymes and fatty acids. When these bacteria are lost, metabolic performance suffers. The second problem is that new bacteria moves into the area and processes foods in a way that produces excess simple sugars - causing more fat production. Additionally, they eat the nutrition found in foods and leave few nutrients for our body. Under these circumstances people continue to gain weight, even with healthy eating habits, and are malnourished, leaving them susceptible to other chronic illnesses.




• Addresses the root cause


• Helps activate natural processes


• Can lose 25 - 36 lbs in 40 days


• Aids in repairing damaged cells

Weight Loss Management


Phytotherapi Stress, Metabolic Therapi, Essential Therapi, and Herbal Therapi are the solution for weight loss. Phytotherapi Stress helps put the brain’s biochemistry into balance. By addressing stress the healthy pH levels are restored and good intestinal bacteria return. Metabolic Therapi helps eliminate fat by mapping where there are inflamed adipose cells, and signaling the body’s natural process to convert fat back into sugar for energy use. Metabolic Therapi must be used with a Nutritional Guide to create the environment necessary for the body to lose weight in a safe, effective way.  Essential Therapi provides every essential trace mineral the body needs to repair itself. Herbal Therapi helps strengthen signals from leptin, a hormone that lets the brain know the body is full. Additionally, leptin helps break down fat cells to simple fats for energy. This helps us maintain healthy weight levels and control our eating habits.  Typical results include losing 25 to 36 lbs in approximately 40 days.



What Comes Next?  Maintaining Weight Loss


Once you’ve lost weight, the most important thing to understand how to keep it off.  In addition to avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, good nutrition is the key to maintaining a healthy weight and can even help shed a few additional pounds.  Eating the right kinds of foods provides our body with the tools it needs for our metabolism to continue to work correctly.  We’ve put together a Weight Maintenance Food Directory to help you maintain healthy weight levels after you’ve gone through the Phytotherapi weight loss solution.





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