Toxicity in the Body


The constant reparation and regeneration our body goes through produces wastes and toxins that our body removes.  Detoxification mostly occurs at night while we’re asleep and usually takes about 7 hours to complete.  When we reduce our sleeping hours, waste and toxins accumulate.  When we add other chemicals and substances we’re exposed to – such as pesticides, synthetic hormones and other chemicals added to foods – it makes it difficult for our body to rid itself of waste.  As a consequence, our body struggles to maintain homeostasis and the body’s becomes more exposed to illness.


There are many reasons to detoxify.  Toxicity in the body leads to inflammation, and since nearly every illness is a manifestation of inflammation, detoxifying decreases the risks of becoming chronically or even casually ill.  Additionally, by removing toxins you enable the body internal healing mechanisms to start.  This gives your body the boost it needs to work properly.

• Aids in removing toxins


• Helps repair damage


• Provides essential



• Promotes bodily repairment/healing

Cleansing and Healing


Phytotherapi Detox is made up of solution to help cleanse, heal and nurture the body.  It consists of Phytotherapi Detox, Phytotherapi Stress, Essential Therapi and Renewal Therapi.  Phytotherapi Detox is made from all natural products extracted from organic plants. These phytochemicals remove toxins in the same manner that healthy cells do – by removing excess calcium around the tissues. This facilitates the removal of wastes and toxins. Since stress affects the body’s ability to heal and cleanse itself, Phytotherapi Stress is used to help bring the brain’s biochemistry into balance and relax the neurons. It contains sesquiterpenes from plants that allows it to pass through the brain’s barrier.  Essential Therapi provides the cellular nutrition the body needs to repair damage in the body.  It contains the full amount of trace minerals that act as the tools the body needs for reparation. Renewal Therapi helps restore the body’s proper signaling and communication between cells.  This allows the body to effectively use all the tools it has to heal, repair and regenerate from the damage caused by toxins and inflammation.




The link between nutrition and detox


What we put in our bodies affects us on every level.  Detoxification takes place naturally by the body, but for the cells to be able to remove waste and toxins they need to have the right tools to do so. Nutrition is essential for giving our cells the right tools they need. Additionally, eating the wrong kinds of foods actually make detox harder and provide little to no real nutrients for our cells. We’ve prepared a Detox Nutritional Guide to help you know which foods will best help the body in cleansing itself. These are best suited when bought fresh and organic.





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