Sleep Solution

The Science Behind a Good Night’s Rest


The pineal gland is located in our brain and plays an important role in our sleep pattern. It creates a hormone that produces a frequency that shuts down the files and libraries of information our brain stores to allow us to sleep. Stress plays a factor in altering this frequency through affecting the pineal gland’s ability to produce enough hormones. This causes insomnia or interrupted sleep patterns. A good way to measure whether we got a good night’s rest is by the amount of energy we have when we arise. Apart from lack of energy, not getting enough sleep also means our body isn’t able to remove all of the endotoxins since this is done while we are sleeping.



• Addresses the root cause


• Helps normalize sleep patterns


• Helps balance brain biochemistry


• Assists in stress relief

Sleeping Well Again


Phytotherapi Sleep, Phytotherapi Stress and PM Night are used to help normalize sleep patterns. Phytotherapi Sleep assists in normalizing sleep frequencies so you can sleep better and wake up feeling energized and refreshed. Phytotherapi Stress contains sesquiterpenes, allowing it to pass through the brain barrier to balance the biochemistry of the brain and allow the pineal gland to produce the hormones necessary for healthy sleep patterns. PM Night Capsules contain GABA, an important amino acid that favors sleep.




How You Eat And How You Sleep


What you eat has a tremendous impact on how well you sleep.  While it may be obvious that constantly eating sugary foods and caffeinated beverages can negatively impact sleep, there are a number of other foods that also promote healthy sleep patterns.  The body’s ability to use nutrients to produce a healthy balance of certain hormones and neurotransmitters that play a critical role in sleep is amazing.  We’ve created a Sleep Food Directory to help provide insight on particular foods that can help you in getting a better night’s rest.





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