Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes, Insulin and the Pancreas


Diabetes is a disease that isn’t manifested until conditions are serious. Diabetes impedes the body’s ability to properly metabolize food for energy use. It’s important to remember that most of the nutrients we eat are converted into sugar during the digestive process. The sugar is then used for energy. The pancreas is an organ that makes insulin to help transport glucose (sugar) into the cells. When too much sugar is present, the pancreas continues to produce insulin, and the liver does its job of converting excess sugar into fat.  This fat is then stored against organs, including the pancreas.


These conditions lead to two problems. First - overproduction of insulin causes an overload of work which leads to the body’s inability to produce more insulin or use the existing insulin it creates. Second - overabundance of fat around the pancreas leads to trauma and damage. Pancreatic cells become sick and are unable to create good insulin. Initially any healthy cells make up for sick ones by doubling efforts to create the amount of insulin needed. This is why early detection of Diabetes is difficult. Once Diabetes is diagnosed, it’s already advanced. Sugar continues to build up, leading to nerve damage. Additional complications include kidney failure, loss of sight, lower extremity amputations, and heart and digestive problems.


● Addresses the root cause


● Helps eliminate excess fat


● Helps Regenerate healthy cells


● Promotes removal of sick/weak cells


● Helps restore cellular strength



Controlling and Reversing Diabetes


A solution for diabetes must address four important health items: the elimination of excess fat surrounding the pancreas, the regeneration of healthy cells, removing any unhealthy or abnormal cells and restoring strong signaling and communication between cells. Phytotherapi’s Diabetes solution includes tools that address these important items while also including specific nutritional guidelines so that the body can reverse tissue and cellular damage. These tools include Phytotherapi Diabetes, Phytotherapi Stress, Metabolic Therapi, Renewal Therapi, Essential Therapi and Herbal Therapi.


Phytotherapi Diabetes is made from a blend of phytochemicals that helps support the pancreas’s ability to perform important functions.  Phytotherapi Diabetes also helps minimize the inflammation that’s normally present with diabetics. Phytotherapi Stress is used to help put our brain’s biochemistry back into balance. By addressing stress good intestinal bacteria are strengthened so they can play their important role in the digestive process. Metabolic Therapi supports the body’s ability to map out excess fat so that the body can convert it into energy.  Renewal Therapi aids in restoring signaling and communication among cells.  Through strengthening signaling, the body can eliminate abnormal cells, repair sick ones and ensure that healthy ones reproduce correctly through mitosis. Renewal Therapi contains a perfect mix of molecules that enhance the communication passages between cells in tissues, allowing quick response for regeneration. Essential Therapi provides the full amount of essential minerals the body needs for cellular reparation. Herbal Therapi keeps cells healthy by supporting insulin production and helping lower blood sugar levels.


Since what we eat has a direct correlation to how the body functions and heals, proper nutrition is vital in helping the body reverse diabetes.  Due to how powerful food can be in improving health, we’ve created a Nutritional Guide that helps create the environment necessary for the body to heal and repair itself.  This Nutritional Guide is used throughout the entire program.


Through following the program, many individuals have seen improvements in their health, energy levels and an overall renewed sense of life as they’ve seen and felt the health of their body improve.



Food and Nutrition- After the Program


Once finished with the program it’s important to maintain healthy habits, especially eating well. Any damage that has been repaired can revert back to damaged tissues and organs if nutrition isn’t part of your maintenance after you’re done with the program. Eating the right kinds of foods will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to work correctly and continue the process of healing and health. Our Diabetes Food Directory will help guide you through the kinds of foods to eat so that you can continue on your path to a healthier you.

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