Hemorrhoids Disease


Hemorrhoids are vascular structures that serve as cushions to help control stools.  Hemorrhoids issues occur when they swell up or become inflamed, becoming hemorrhoids disease.  Hemorrhoids disease can occur internally or externally.    Physically, this disease develops due to intra-abdominal pressure that builds up.  Digestive issues such as constipation can play a role in developing hemorrhoids disease.


Because digestive issues, such as constipation and diarrhea, play a large part in the development of the disease, the root cause of hemorrhoids is poor nutrition, lack of exercise and chronic stress.  Chronic stress in particular plays a role due to the biochemical changes that take place to the digestive system when stress is present.  Prolonged levels of stress eliminate good bacteria from the digestive tract, leading to a misbalance of the bacteria that helps digest food, metabolize food, and prepare waste for removal.

● Addresses root cause


● Promotes immune health


● Supports healthy digestive tract


● Aids in alleviating inflammation


● Helps reduce pain and discomfort

Reversing Hemorrhoids Damage


The body’s ability to reverse and heal damage caused by hemorrhoids disease is determined by nutrition and the ability to minimize stress.  Improving nutrition provides the body the nutrients it needs to regenerate and heal at a cellular level.  Minimizing stress is also critical to ensure that the digestive system begins working properly again.  Managing stress also strengthens the immune system, which plays a large role in the healing process as new, healthy cells replace damaged ones.


Phytotherapi’s solution strengthens the immune and digestive systems, including nutritional advice to improve digestive health and remedies to alleviate stress.  The solution includes tools that support the body’s ability to repair and regenerate.  These tools include Phytotherapi Hemorrhoids Phytotherapi Stress, Phytotherapi Digestion and Renewal Therapi.  Phytotherapi Hemorrhoids is an all natural solution derived from plants that helps eliminate  inflammation, pain and discomfort. Phytotherapi Hemorrhoids also helps heal tissue that has been damaged due to hemorrhoids.  Phytotherapi Stress alleviates the mind of the anxiety and stresses that damage the digestive system.  Phytotherapi Digestion supports the body’s ability to restore healthy bacteria in the digestive tract.  Renewal Therapi improves cellular signaling, allowing the cells to correctly use nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants for tissue repair.


If necrosis is present, Phytotherapi Circulation and Essential Therapi should be used as well.  Phytotherapi Circulation promotes the body’s ability to restore balance in the valves and veins so the body can reduce discomfort and increase oxygenation in its tissues.  Essential Therapi is a supplement that contains all the trace minerals our body needs in order to provide the cells the tools required to repair, regenerate and heal.



Hemorrhoids and Healthy Foods


Believe it or not, what you eat can help with hemorrhoids disease. There are a number of foods found to aid in the healing of this uncomfortable and often painful condition. We’ve created a Hemorrhoids Food Directory tailored to the individual suffering from hemorrhoids. Through the incorporation of these foods as well as our Hemorrhoids Solution Protocol, healing is right around the corner.





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