Kidney Issues

The Kidneys – Filtering and Cleaning Blood


The kidneys are important organs that filter our blood.  Our blood constantly passes through our kidneys several times each day.  The kidneys remove waste, regulate electrolytes and control the balance of fluids.  Waste and organic matter is also removed in the form of urine.  In addition to removing wastes, the kidneys reabsorb vital nutrients, regulate blood pressure and secrete important hormones.


When kidney damage occurs, waste and fluid builds up leading to swollen ankles, poor sleep, fatigue, vomiting or shortness of breath.  Losing kidney function is a serious issue, and one that can eventually lead to death.  Poor diet and chronic stress are the root causes of kidney disease.  A poor diet causes the kidneys to overwork as it fulfills its duties in removing toxins and unhealthy material from the body.  A lack of important micro nutrients, such as sodium, potassium and phosphorus also lead to kidney damage. Additionally, low water consumption leads to an inability for the kidney to filter blood.  As damage occurs, chronic stress diminishes the body’s ability to heal and repair, leading to a number of chronic kidney diseases.





● Addresses root cause


● Promotes healing and repair


● Helps remove pathogenic microbes


● Helps reduce discomfort

Healing the Kidneys


Healing and reversing damage in the kidneys is determined by cellular health.  Cell health is improved when nutrition is in harmony with what the body needs to repair damage and function correctly.  Properly managing stress is also vital to ensuring the body uses its energy for reparation and regeneration, instead of being on constant alert.


Phytotherapi provides nutritional advice to improve cellular health along with tools that support the body’s self  healing capabilities.  These tools include Phytotherapi Kidney, Phytotherapi Stress, Phytotherapi Infection and Phytotherapi Circulation.  Phytotherapi Kidney promotes the body’s ability to go through healthy mitosis and regeneration cycles in the areas within and surrounding the kidneys.  Mitosis and regeneration play critical roles in the body’s ability to heal itself.  Phytotherapi Stress helps the brain relax and alleviates the mind of anxiety, promoting the body’s self reparation processes.  Phytotherapi Infection helps the immune system remove pathogenic microbes.  Phytotherapi Circulation promotes the body’s ability to restore balance in the valves and veins so that the body can reduce discomfort and increase oxygenation in the tissues.




Strengthening the kidneys with food


Of course, no solution is complete if we fail to address nutrition. What we eat has a direct impact on kidney health. Since a poor diet leads to kidney diseases, changing what we eat is crucial to healing the kidneys. Eating healthy relieves stress from the kidney and gives our cells the right tools to repair damage. Our Kidney Food Guide will help you know what kinds of foods to eat to increase kidney health and support healing.





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