Circulation Problems

Your Circulatory System


The circulatory system is a network of parts that include the heart, veins, arteries and lymphatic system.  Its core function is to circulate blood and transport nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide and hormones to and from cells throughout the entire body.  It is also in charge of removing all toxins.  The circulatory system plays a critical part in nourishing the body and fighting diseases.  It regulates body temperature, pH and helps ensure our body is properly balanced.


Circulation problems occur when the flow of blood is reduced.  Typically this begins with specific parts of the body, but can rapidly move to other areas.  It commonly affects the legs and arms, but also occurs in the head, kidneys, stomach and other organs.  Poor circulation stems from other issues such as obesity, diabetes and heart conditions.  Damage to the arteries, veins and lymphatic system can also affect circulation. Additionally, blood clots and varicose veins are common culprits that damage important tissues in the circulatory system.





● Addresses root cause


● Aids in reducing inflammation


● Helps reduce


● Promotes balance in valves and veins


● Promotes healing and repair

Improving Circulation


Just like any other illness, improving circulation requires lifestyle changes.  Because of the link between poor circulation obesity, being overweight and diabetes, one of the most important changes takes place with nutrition.  Limiting and eliminating unhealthy fats, unhealthy cholesterol and refined sugar help.  Exercising – even if it’s light – helps.  Due to the way that stress can accelerate tissue damage, reducing and properly managing stress/anxiety is also important.


Phytotherapi provides solutions that support the body in its natural reparation process.  As the body repairs and heals itself, circulation normalizes and improves.  These solutions include Phytotherapi Circulation, Phytotherapi Inflammation, Phytotherapi Stress, Essential Therapi and Renewal Therapi.  Phytotherapi Circulation promotes the body’s ability to restore balance in the valves and veins so that the body can reduce discomfort and increase oxygenation in its tissues.  Phytotherapi Inflammation supports the body’s ability to control and reduce inflammation that occurs due to tissue damage.  Since stress affects the body’s cardiovascular and circulatory systems, Phytotherapi Stress is used to reduce stress levels, supporting the body’s ability to reverse the biochemical reactions that take place when stressed.  Essential Therapi is a supplement that contains all the trace minerals our body needs in order to provide the cells the tools required to repair, regenerate and heal damage.  Renewal Therapi improves cellular signaling, allowing the cells to correctly use nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants for tissue repair.


If weight management is also of concern we recommend looking at our weight loss solution.  Because poor circulation is closely tied with weight management issues, losing a healthy amount of weight accelerates the healing process tied with circulation problems.




Circulation and our diet


Every health solution needs to address nutrition. Because of the link between poor circulation and obesity, overweightness and diabetes, nutrition is a key factor in circulation. It’s important to cut back or eliminate unhealthy fats, unhealthy cholesterol and refined sugars as well as getting a balanced amount of nutrients. We have a Nutritional Guide to help assist your diet when dealing with circulation problems.



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