Stress & Anxiety

The Science of Stress


Stress is a mechanism that provides protection and the ability to learn from new things. When stress is detected, several parts of the brain, adrenals and other glands create internal changes in the body. These changes give our muscles the energy to either fight or run in order to protect ourselves. Whenever we have a new experience, chemical changes take place that channel energy to our brain in order to evaluate the new experience and sift through similar experiences we’ve had in order to present a solution or level of understanding on the new event experienced. During this process thousands of neurons are activated to create networks of connections that can be used in future scenarios for additional learning and insight. Every experience where we feel any level of stress or anxiety always initiates this process.


If we close the stress cycle through properly reconciling the event, we come away a better person. When the stress cycle is not closed however, the foundation for serious health problems is laid. Thousands of activated neurons remain on alert, and the brain continues to believe it’s in danger. This activates glands for hormone production. As we experience other stressful events the amount of neurons on alert build up. Since this is an unconscious process, chronic stress isn’t initially recognized. Little by little however, emotions such as anxiety and fear begin having a predominant place in our life. Multiple organs are affected and our hormone, digestive and immune systems weaken. Dopamine levels decrease and we become prone to vices such as drugs, alcoholism, pornography, gambling, etc in order to get away from our problems. Sleep also becomes burdensome as sleep patterns change. This coupled with the brain’s active neurons causes sleep to be light and insomnia can take over.

Controlling and Alleviating Stress


Phytotherapi Stress, Phytotherapi Sleep, PM Night, and Essential Therapi make up Phytotherapi’s solution to eliminate chronic stress. Phytotherapi Stress contains sesquiterpenes extract from plants from different parts of the world. This provides Phytotherapi Stress the ability to pass through the brain’s barrier to balance the brain’s biochemistry and relax neurons that are on constant alert. Since the pineal gland (which is responsible for sleep) is damaged during chronic stress, our bodies don’t have the chance to actually recover like it needs to when we sleep. This is why insomnia is typical whenever there is chronic stress. Phytotherapi Sleep and PM Night work to help normalize sleep frequencies so you can sleep better and wake up feeling energized and refreshed. PM Night contains GABA, an important amino acid that helps us have a restful night’s sleep. Essential Therapi provides the body with essential minerals the body needs to repair itself at the cellular level from damage incurred from stress.




Food and Stress


A lot of damage occurs in the body at the cellular level when we have chronic stress. The longer it is present, the more damage there will be. In order for the body to heal itself, cells must have the right nutrients and tools to work with. Along with this, certain foods actually stimulate the neurons, something we need to calm when dealing with chronic stress. Our Stress Nutritional Guide will help you know what foods to eat to help calm your mind and give your body the right tools it needs to heal itself.



• Addresses the root cause


• Helps remove stress


• Promotes brain biochemistry balance


• Aids proper sleep


• Helps eliminate insomnia

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