Respiratory Problems

Hard to Breathe


Respiratory diseases are conditions that affect the body’s ability to exchange oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. These diseases are accompanied by tissue damage in the respiratory tract, including the nerves and muscles that control breathing. Respiratory diseases range from acute to chronic infections. At the root of the problem is an overuse of antibiotics, infections, exposure to toxins, contaminants and bad nutrition - all of which leads immune system deficiency.




Breathing Easy Again


Phytotherapi’s Respiratory Solution uses Phytotherapi Respiratory, Phytotherapi Stress, Phytotherapi Infection and Phytotherapi Immune along with Renewal Therapi to help heal the body. Phytotherapi Respiratory is made up of all natural plant chemicals that help open the respiratory tract and eliminates harmful bacteria in the trachea, bronchioles, bronchial tract, alveoli, pleura and pleural cavity. Phytotherapi Infection kills encapsulated bacteria to help eliminate the possibility of reinfection. Phytotherapi Immune helps restore the strength of the immune system. Because respiratory issues lead to lack of oxygen flow, which then increases stress levels, Phytotherapi Stress is used to promote chemical balance and decrease stress levels. This is important because chronic stress alters the production of nearly every hormone which negatively affects the immune system. Renewal Therapi is used to allow proper regeneration and function of tissues in the respiratory tract to revive the immune system.





Breathing Easier with Food


Any treatment for respiratory issues is incomplete without addressing nutrition. Getting the right nutrients helps the body heal tissue damage in the respiratory tract, and some foods will only aggravate it. The correct nutrition is a vital part of healing and recovery. We’ve created a Nutritional Guide for respiratory problems that provides knowledge on what to eat to help solve these issues.






• Addresses the root cause


• Aids damaged tissue and cells


• Removes harmful bacteria


• Aids in eliminating reinfection


• Helps open respiratory tract


• Alleviates stress

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