How Migraines Develop


Migraines are a chronic state of pain that produce a high level of sensitivity from lights, sounds or smells.  Migraines and headaches are caused by an impairment of blood circulation to the brain.  This is due to chronic stress which causes the arteries that feed nutrients and oxygen to the brain to dilate.  This leads to a decreased amount of nutrients and oxygen reaching the neurons in the brain, creating a misbalance in the production of inhibitory neurotransmitter in the region of the brain (the temporal lobe) that processes light, sound, smell and learning.


Neurotransmitter misbalance also affects the ability to connect nerve fibers and neuron fibers, resulting in an inability to control pain.  Depression and anxiety are recognized as primary causes of migraines.  Lack of sleep and use of certain drugs also initiate migraines.  Of all the factors however, chronic stress is the most culpable due to inflammation that occurs in the neck when we’re stressed.  The inflammation applies pressure and compression on the spine, constricting the flow of spinal fluid.  It also constructs the flow of serotonin, an important inhibitory neurotransmitter that regulates mood, sleep, appetite, memory, learning, body temperature and sexual desire.



● Addresses root cause


● Supports natural healing process


● Helps alleviate stress


● Aids in reducing inflammation


● Helps normalize sleep


Removing the Pain


Phytotherapi’s solution supports the natural healing process of the mind and body.  In addition to providing nutritional advice to help the cells heal damage, the solution also includes tools to help put the mind at ease to alleviate stress and supports the body’s reparation process. These solutions include Phytotherapi Migraine, Phytotherapi Stress, Phytotherapi Circulation, and Phytotherapi Sleep. Phytotherapi Migraine supports the body’s ability to reduce inflammation, allowing the body to relax the areas that are constricting blood flow.  Phytotherapi Stress alleviates stress levels, allowing the body to relax so that the body can repair itself. Phytotherapi Circulation promotes the body’s ability to restore balance in the valves and veins so that the body can reduce discomfort and inflammation and increase oxygenation in its tissues.Phytotherapi Sleep helps normalize sleep, allowing the body and mind the ability to undergo its natural regeneration and healing processes that occur while we rest.




Nutrition and migraines


Nutrition needs to be addressed in order to heal from migraines. A lack of good nutrition in the body creates stress which builds tension in the body. When we’re not eating healthily the brain won’t receive the nutrients it needs. This is one factor that leads to headaches and migraines. Stress however, is the main culprit for migraines. Chronic stress leaves the body weakened and in need of healing. Our Migraines Nutritional Guide will help assist you in knowing what foods will help nourish the brain and heal from damage caused by stress and migraines.




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