Chronic Pain

• Addresses the root cause


• Assists in relieving pain


• Promotes healing of damaged tissue


• Helps remove inflammation


• Alleviate stress

What a Pain


Chronic pain is an ongoing condition that occurs when illness is present. With chronic pain, illness is typically present in the back, neck, nerves and in many cases is due to various diseases taking its toll on the body at the same time. Pain is manifested whenever there is tissue damage. The sensory experience of pain is caused by the stimulation of the peripheral nerve fiber to let us know that there is something wrong in our body. Additionally, constant pain increases as stress levels rise, which can lead to a series of other issues.



Alleviating Pain at the Root


Phytotherapi Pain, Phytotherapi Inflammation, Phytotherapi Stress and Essential Therapi address the root causes of chronic pain.  The mix of different petrochemicals in Phytotherapi Pain helps relieve pain and begin the healing process for any damaged tissues.  Although inflammation is always present whenever there is trauma, prolonged inflammation can lead to a number of other diseases including arthritis. Phytotherapi Inflammation reduces stress on the tissues affected, leading to removal of inflammation.  Since stress is a strong trigger that increases pain levels and causes inflammation, Phytotherapi Stress aids in balancing the biochemistry in our brain to decrease stress.  Lastly, affected areas always have damaged tissues.  Essential Therapi provides a full amount of important trace mineral nutrition to promote cellular regeneration.





Food and Alleviating Pain


You may not think that food can impact chronic pain, but it does. Certain foods have been found to help alleviate pain or discomfort. Healing from chronic pain needs to be done at the cellular level and as such the body requires certain nutrients and vitamins found in nutritious foods. We’ve created a Pain Food Directory to help you incorporate these specific foods into your diet.





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