Health Science

Our body is a wonderful network of different systems.


Despite all the advances in medicine, science and technology, perhaps the most overlooked truth is that the body and brain make up one whole. How we perceive and experience different events in life affects how we think and respond to situations.


Because our brain is the hub of all physical response, prolonged negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and depression have an impact on our health.  Over time stress can change our eating habits, leading to a deterioration of our health and the eventual development of chronic disease.

With Health, 1 + 1 = 1

98% of Illness is Caused by Stress

What Keeps Me From Changing?

Stress is an interesting concept.


It protects us from danger and can even bring the best out of us. Problems occur when we allow stress to accumulate. Whenever we experience stress, the majority of the body’s energy is redirected towards the brain, heart and muscles. This weakens the body’s three most important systems - the digestive, immune and endocrine (hormonal) systems. When stressful events are properly resolved our body goes back to functioning normally. However, if stress accumulates, our body continues to weaken and we find ourselves stuck in a cycle that includes an unhealthy mind and body.

If stress is at the root of illness, what keeps us from changing the way we react?


The main reason is due to the way we process information. When we face a new situation the brain sifts through and looks for memories that appear similar. The brain presents that information to us and we act in ways that are associated with past events.


The answer to what keeps us from changing is our perceptions that we become addicted to. These are biochemical changes that affect the balance in our brain so that instead of seeing events as singular moments, we apply thoughts by allowing our minds to be on a sort of autopilot mode.

Your Body and Mind Can Heal Themselves

The great news is that the body and mind can heal and reverse physical and mental damage.


What is often lacking is proper nutrition, the ability to close out stressful episodes and the tools required for the body to repair itself.  Phytotherapi has spent years researching how the body heals itself at the cellular level.  Our tools support the body’s natural capabilities to restore mental and physical health.


By understanding how health works at the cellular level the mind and body can regenerate and repair while also renewing how you see yourself and the world around you.

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